ACA Board Member Michael Klutho Announces Upcoming Retirement


Klutho, who has been an ACA member since 1996, will retire at the end of 2023.

07/26/2023 3:30 P.M.

2 minute read

ACA International Treasurer Michael Klutho, an attorney with Bassford Remele, recently announced his plan to retire at the end of 2023.

Klutho’s term on ACA’s Board of Directors ended on July 26.

Klutho has represented ACA members in thousands of Fair Debt Collection Practices Act claims and lawsuits over the past 30+ years. He is a charter member of ACA’s Members Attorney Program and served on ACA’s Council of Delegates, representing the MAP Division and the Great Lakes Credit and Collection Association. He has served on many ACA committees over the years, including the Judicial Committee and CNR Review Committee. As an ACA Certified Instructor, Klutho regularly presents on compliance with the FDCPA, Fair Credit Reporting Act, Telephone Consumer Protection Act and related issues.

He’s earned ACA’s Fellow, Professional Collection Specialist, Scholar and Trainer Specialist designations and has been honored with the ACA International Education Foundation Fellow Award, the Jonathan Elliot Judicial Advocacy Award and Fred Kirschner Instructor Achievement Award.

Klutho shared a statement about his decision to retire, effective Dec. 31, 2023:

“All good things must come to an end. It has been my privilege to have represented numerous agencies and attorneys over the last 30+ years. A truly collateral benefit of my association with ACA and its members are the deep friendships that I have developed with people who I admire, people who I enjoy spending time with, people who supported me and—to top it off—people who make me laugh. What more can a person ask for?

So, at the end of this year, I will begin the next chapter of my life. I’ll get to spend much of my time with my grandchildren. I’m really looking forward to teaching them to fish! There’s nothing like fishing with a kid. Jill, my bride of 37 years, and I will be traveling and spoiling our grandkids. Carpentry work, landscaping, chopping and splitting firewood all await me—work that fills the soul.

What’s left behind? Rest assured that the clients I’ve been fortunate enough to advise and represent over the years won’t be left behind! Our firm’s Consumer Law Team is well-stocked with excellent attorneys. Your needs will continue to be met and exceeded.”

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